Two Eagles House

We have been accompanying the main creator of the series, Waldemar Krzystek, from the beginning of the script that his wife, Małgorzata Kopernik wrote 20 years earlier! Over 300(!) effect shots in ten episodes of the series. Floods, fires, and deadly frosts, the spring landscapes had to be covered with a thick layer of snow […]

The King of Warsaw

In “The King of Warsaw” we made over 500 VFX shots including digital creation of the city, airport, hyperrealistic architecture and interior design, cut-off hand, whale, and the starry night sky. All this in the very demanding HDR workflow according to the high post-production standard for Canal+. “One of the most anticipated Polish series of […]

Black Mill

Realizing VFX in the middle of a lockdown was extremely demanding. It required from us full commitment and proving that we can do it in any conditions. Advanced 3D, special effects, compositing, on-line, fire, lava, explosions, light, all elements integrated in one of the most famous pictures for the young and demanding viewer.  Check out […]


“Magnesia” directed by Maciej Bochniak, honoured with four awards at the Polish Film Festival. A great cast headed by Maja Ostaszewska, Małgorzata Gorol, Borys Szyc and Bartosz Bielenia. A large dose of black humour and a return to the early 20th century. ‘Magnesia” (dir. Maciej Bochniak, 2021) VFX ARTISTS: Vladimir Tarasiuk, Wojtek Kijkowski, Wojtek Rogalski, […]

Winiary- Kaszotto

“Kaszotto Winiary”- ORKA was responsible for the whole post-production of the spot. How did this process look like? Check it out!

Warsaw Uprising- before and after

“Warsaw Uprising” film at ORKA studio! The first stage of work was stabilization, i.e. finding reference points for each shot and eliminating image shaking in the frame. The next step was to restore the material, as part of which Studio ORKA carried out an initial color correction in black and white material, stabilization and removal […]

Świeżaki Gang

All kids dreamed of collecting the whole group of Świeżaki mascots! ORKA took care of a spot promoting the campaign, preparing full-CG mascots. Modeling, 3D animation, grooming and compositing by ORKA. Have a look at how we worked on these lovely creatures! 

The Erlprince

It is a moving and beautifully visual film, filled with disturbing images from the borderline between reality and sleep – lots of these shots were created by our VFX artists. ORKA took care of fire, water, breaking floor simulations (FX), modeling, compositing and online. ‘The Erlprince’ (dir. Kuba Czekaj, 2016)

Alivia Onclology Foundation

Have a look at how we created this terrifying 3D character for Alivia Oncology Foundation. Modeling, FX, 3D animation, 2D animation, compositing, matte painting by ORKA. Fighting disease is a challenge difficult to deal with alone. On World Cancer Day, together with the Alivia foundation, we show how to help beat cancer. Literally, because it […]