General info

We are ORKA. Poland’s most genuine and globally-minded production and post-production partner, since 1992.

In everything we do we believe in the artistry of enhancing a visual narrative. We support storytellers and producers with respect, passion and fun.

We do this in our 1000m2 studio where 70 talented producers and artists dedicate themselves equally to both commercial and feature work.

Our world-class technology is constantly evolving, along with our environmental best-practices in workspaces and workflow.


We’ve developed long-term relationships with clients such as Unilever, Orange, Play, Sanofi, Nestle and Biedronka (Poland’s largest supermarket chain owned by Jeronimo Martins), to name a few. Other international brands with whom we partner include Samsung, Schneider, Huawei, McDonald’s, Santander, Porsche, MoneyGram, Danone, Nescafe, Garnier, Gerber, Ballantine’s, Volkswagen, Ecco, L’Oréal, Carlo Rossi. We’re widely known for 3D character animation and have a variety of 2D artists on roster as well. We get involved in the early stages of the creative process. Our work ranges from multiple lifestyle to food & drink, to character-driven and simulation ads.

Features / films

We’ve worked on over 100 features, you can see more here.

Recent work includes:

• “Infinite Storm” (2022) dir: Małgorzata Szumowska, Michał Englert
• “Catalyst” dir: Chris Folkens
• “WarHunt” (2021) dir: Mauro Borelli
• “The Turncoat” (2019) dir: Florian Gallenberger (Oscar-winner)
• “Rambo: Last Blood” (2019) dir: Adrian Grunberg star. Sylvester Stallone
• “Yugen” (2018) dir: Martha Fiennes – immersive experience star. Salma Hayek

Cash rebates

We provide our clients outstanding services while accessing a variety of incentives.


  • You need a Polish partner to apply, ORKA will happily be this partner!
  • You don’t have to shoot in Poland in order to receive incentives
  • Reimbursement of production costs incurred in Poland is up to the amount of 30% of Polish eligible costs
  • The maximum support for one project is PLN 15 million
  • There are no deadlines, the system is based on the first come, first served rule
  • Reimbursement is available for feature films, animations, documentaries, series, animated series and documentary series

For more information, click here.

Production services

Our team of experienced producers offers wide experience and support in obtaining cash rebates for long forms in Poland, both for VFX itself and the full post-production. Please check more here.

Post-production services

– 3D animation, character animation
– 2D animation and motion design
– VFX services including advanced green-screen compositing
– FX: liquids, particles and other simulations
– CGI/modeling
– concept /design /art direction
– matte painting/ 3D environments creation
– VFX supervision and on-set supervision (including remote one)
– color-grading (including remote grading)
– editing (offline edit)
– online
– colorization
– sound post-production: Cafe Ole

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