Cash rebates

Post production services

– 3D animation, character animation
– 2D animation and motion design
– VFX services including advanced green-screen compositing
– FX: liquids, particles and other simulations
– CGI/modeling
– concept /design /art direction
– matte painting/ 3D environments creation
– VFX supervision and on-set supervision (including remote one)
– color-grading (including remote grading)
– editing (offline edit)
– online
– colorization
– sound post-production: Cafe Ole

Production services

We’ve partnered with Poland’s most genuine and globally-minded production service company OTO Film

We’ve been together since, offering full production service from scout to wrap, since 1992.

Our team of experienced producers offers wide experience and support in obtaining cash rebates for long forms in Poland, both for VFX itself and the full post-production. Please check more here.

Cash rebates

We provide our clients outstanding services while accessing a variety of incentives.

  • You need a Polish partner to apply, ORKA will happily be this partner!
  • You don’t have to shoot in Poland in order to receive incentives
  • Reimbursement of production costs incurred in Poland is up to the amount of 30% of Polish eligible costs
  • The maximum support for one project is PLN 15 million
  • There are no deadlines, the system is based on the first come, first served rule
  • Reimbursement is available for feature films, animations, documentaries, series, animated series and documentary series


ORKA is a partner to apply for cash rebate benefits on behalf of foreign producers. You can obtain up to a 30% cash rebate on qualifying Polish expenses. We’ve already worked on a few international productions that used incentives plan and our post-production services were among the cash- rebated part of the production budget. Poland launched this cash rebate in 2019 and it’s more than any other European country offers. The program is run by the Polish Film Institute, meaning you will need a trusted service representative- like ORKA.

The Cash Rebate program is the biggest opportunity for filmmakers in the history of Polish cinematography. What is unique about the program is how simple it is to apply, and the fact that you do not necessarily need to shoot in Poland to receive financial support. You can receive money only for post-production, visual effects, sound post-production or remote shooting. During this pandemic, the program can be a big benefit for countries such as the UK, USA, and many others with a huge need for the content but difficult travel restrictions.

The entire application process, as well as the post-production process, can be led remotely thanks to technological tools. Polish post-production talents have been known as a great old school, successful, and visible at the class A film festivals. Thanks to the Cash Rebate program, their talent can be recognized also on the international film market, with commercial films coming from all over the world.


ORKA Studio is a well-known post-production studio in Poland and a reliable partner to apply for Cash Rebates on the behalf of foreign producers. Currently, it is working on the American production, war – fantasy thriller WARHUNT by Mauro Borelli produced by Forma Pro Films. It is a perfect example of how fast you can access cash rebate funds. The application was filed during the principal shoot, and the VFX post-production workflow was moved to Warsaw just on time, successfully combining creative elements from the USA – Latvia and Poland.