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Black Mill. making of.


Mariusz Palej


Wojtek Węgrzyn


TFP Sp. z o.o. – Maciej Sowiński, Wojciech Stuchlik


Szymon Kania

post production manager

Ewa Babska

head of production

Katarzyna Kozłowska

Realizing VFX in the middle of a lockdown was extremely demanding. It required from us full commitment and proving that we can do it in any conditions. Advanced 3D, special effects, compositing, on-line, fire, lava, explosions, light, all elements integrated in one of the most famous pictures for the young and demanding viewer.  Check out the short material showing how it looked like from the backstage. A lot of work, many hours spent on perfecting everything, but satisfaction beyond description!

GRADING: Michał Kowalski SOUND POST PRODUCTION: Cafe Ole Sound Studio – Wojtek Mielimąka COPRODUCER(ORKA): Magdalena Zimecka, Jacek Kulczycki MOF Sound Design: Farkey Music