Nest Bank: The Power of Entrepreneurs

Who said we can’t have our own superheroes in Poland? As a rule, in our work we strive to achieve maximum realism, but not this time! The new campaign of Nest Bank required us to animate in a cartoon-comic style that would refer to “Spider-Man Universe” or “Mitchells vs. Machines”. The biggest challenge was working […]

Biedronka: Shakeomat

Post-production manager Piotr Kłosowicz explains how to inflate a huge ladybug airship: The main challenge of the project was to create a realistic zeppelin model in the shape of a ladybug known from the client’s logo. Since we had a specific pattern, the matter seemed simple, and yet… Sometimes the theoretically easiest things are the most difficult, […]

Warka Planet of Gamers Cup

We did it! We separated Krzysztof Ibisz’s head from the rest of Krzysztof Ibisz! Fortunately, thanks to photogrammetry, there were no macabre. Krzysztof confirmed his professionalism, and working with him turned out to be a pure pleasure. The hologram of his head takes center stage in the spectacular trailer of the Warka Planet of Gamers […]

Wartime Portraits. Women

Wartime Portraits. Women is a documentary series about heroines of the II World War. Stories told from the perspective of the characters are full of emotions and tension, they show courage, sacrifice, willpower but also recklessness or pragmatism. Characters of the series are not flawless monuments but regular women with their own problems, who happened […]

Air Wick

Removing the green “spill” from actors and props is a tedious yet indispensable part of compositing when working with a green screen. Not any more when using a virtual set, though. This solution not only simplifies post-production, but also makes work on the set considerably easier. Unavoidably, the new technology also poses new challenges and […]

Santa Claus Ad Block 2022

We can’t imagine Christmas without reindeer, so every year we make sure that they appear… in the spot promoting Polsat’s Santa Claus Advertising Block. They look a little different each time. This year, we wanted to reproduce live animals as realistically as possible – did we succeed? It’s already a tradition that together with the […]

Biedronka: Gang Bystrzaków

It’s a series of three technically challenging spots which combine live action with 3D animation of characters. The main challenge was to create pleasing to the eye avatars of Bystrzak mascots and to make them fully-fledged heroes. Post-production required four months of work related to concepting, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, 3D tracking, lighting, rendering, compositing, […]

Black Mill

Realizing VFX in the middle of a lockdown was extremely demanding. It required from us full commitment and proving that we can do it in any conditions. Advanced 3D, special effects, compositing, on-line, fire, lava, explosions, light, all elements integrated in one of the most famous pictures for the young and demanding viewer.  Check out […]


Check out our new 2D reel! Hope you’ll enjoy our cheerful creations including cartoon characters, motion design, hand-drawn and 2,5D animation Edit: Piotr Skiba, Music & sound design: Farkey

Winiary- Kaszotto

“Kaszotto Winiary”- ORKA was responsible for the whole post-production of the spot. How did this process look like? Check it out!