orkafilm logotyp

Biedronka: Shakeomat. Making of.


Szymon Pawlik


Duda Polska

Production house

OTO Film



Post-production manager

Piotr Kłosowicz, Maria Kluczyk


Marek Subocz


Mateusz Rybka


Cafe Ole


Mateusz Rybka

Color grading

Piotr Sasim, Fred Van Eeden

3D model

Jakub Ludwiczak

Lighting & rendering

Tomasz Oleksa (lead 3D), Jakub Ludwiczak, Bartosz Dziubiel


Marcin Struniawski

Compositing & online

Marek Subocz, Mikołaj Korecki, Łukasz Romanow, krzysiek pucula, Dawid Miara, Michał Kwiatkowski, Artur Świerczewski, Bartosz Przybytek, Bartosz Nuckowski, Michał Faliński, Vladimir Tarasiuk, Jędrzej Sosnowik

Post-production manager Piotr Kłosowicz explains how to inflate a huge ladybug airship:

The main challenge of the project was to create a realistic zeppelin model in the shape of a ladybug known from the client’s logo. Since we had a specific pattern, the matter seemed simple, and yet… Sometimes the theoretically easiest things are the most difficult, as evidenced by the huge number of concepts from which we chose.

When we dealt with the big balloon, it turned out that the weather on the set wasn’t good and it was necessary to revive the frames by replacing the sky in all shots, adding shades, reflections, etc.

There were also more, well, down-to-earth challenges. Each of the characters had a phone that was supposed to display an application that did not exist at the time. In addition, holograms of products were supposed to come out of some phones. S-f level expert, but we made it!

Final spot:

Concepts: Dawid Szatarski, Adrianna Glowacka, Artur Kopp