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Wartime Portraits. Women


Dawid Janicki



Co-production and post-production


Supervisor VFX

Ɓukasz Romanow

Sound post-production

Cafe Ole

Wartime Portraits. Women is a documentary series about heroines of the II World War. Stories told from the perspective of the characters are full of emotions and tension, they show courage, sacrifice, willpower but also recklessness or pragmatism. Characters of the series are not flawless monuments but regular women with their own problems, who happened to play an important role in the history. The visual style of the project is animadoc. It comprises archival materials, interviews with experts, and sequences of fictionalised scenes: shots stylised as comic frames, where an actor is connected with scenography hand-drawn by comics illustrators. The project is the continuation of the successful series Wartime Portraits (2014).

Source: Polish Film Institute