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Inner Chains. making of.

The cinematic for Inner Chains is the first such production for the ORKA. The concept of the animation was created in-house, as were the screenplay and final picture. The production alone, after the storyboard was accepted, took two and a half months. The making-of visually tells the story of how the entire animation was created. The main tool used for rendering was 3ds Max with V-Ray. Simulations, particle effects, fire, smoke and fluids were created in FumeFX, PhoenixFD and Thinking Particles. Animated characters were made in Maya, and MotionBuilder was used to clean up and edit motion capture. About half of the animated characters were created in motion. Characters and scenery were modeled in 3ds Max and Zbrush, texturing was supported by Substance Designer and Substance Painter, and of course Photoshop. Some assets were created using photogrammetry in Agisoft Photoscan. Most of the shots were composed in Nuke, some in Fusion. Final grading was done in DaVinci Resolve, and Edit was completed in Adobe Premiere. Due to the very short production time and the many locations and characters that only appear in single shots, the entire process required intensive optimization. Shots and their elements were prepared for specific frames.