The Iron Bridge

ORKA believed in this film right away – a strong story and a strong woman behind the camera. ‘The Iron Bridge’ was created right in front of our eyes. We were responsible for the whole post-production and we were happy to support this unique debut. Look how it was created! ‘The Iron Bridge’ (dir. Monika […]

Mister T.

Mister T. is another project of ORKA and Marcin Krzyształowicz. The film was presented in the Main Competition in Gdynia. The extraordinary color correction of Adam Bajerski’s black-and-white cinematography performed by Olek Winecki is showcased in this making of. ‘Mister T.’ (dir. Marcin Krzyształowicz, 2019) DIR: Marcin Krzyształowicz, Producer: Jarosław Boliński, Coproducers: Magdalena Zimecka, Jacek […]

Rambo: Last Blood

We had the pleasure to welcome Sylvester Stallone on our monitors! ORKA worked on RAMBO! In collaboration with FilmGate we were responsible for some of VFX in ‘RAMBO: LAST BLOOD’, including explosions, gunshots and green screen compositing. ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ (dir. Adrian Grunberg, 2019)

The Turncoat

Exploding trains, flashes, historical environments – here comes THE TURNCOAT (DER ÜBERLÄUFER) making-of. ORKA was honored to work with Florian Gallenberger – Academy Award Winner on his new project! ‘The Turncoat’ premiered in the middle of lockdown, so even COVID-19 hasn’t stopped us. ORKA was responsible for post-production of both parts of the series and […]

Foam at the mouth

ORKA was responsible for the entire post-production of the ‘Foam ah the mouth’ feature film, including CGI leg removal and background reconstruction. ‘Foam at the mouth’ (dir. Jānis Nords, 2019)

This damn Sunday

Cinema noir! A game of lights and emotions. Thrilling mysterious history, the 30s of XX century, dark atmosphere of old Lublin. ORKA took care of  2D & 3D animation, character design, compositing, matte painting, models & textures. ‘This damn sunday’ (dir. Przemysław Kotyński, 2014) Scenario: Marcin Wroński, Production: ORKA Film – Magdalena Zimecka, Dialogue director […]

7 Emotions

Our ‘7 Emotions’ is the most cashmere film by Marek Koterski! The new story about Adas Miauczyński attracted almost 830 thousand people to the cinemas. Apparently, it was due to the involvement of ORKA as a co-producer. VFX shots by ORKA, including 3D animation and grading. ‘7 Emotions’ (dir. Marek Koterski, 2018) Producer: Justyna Juszczyk, […]


At Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival we were celebrating the world premiere of ‘Numbers’ by Oleg Sentsov with ORKA’s post-production. Oleg directed the film remotely from the gulag. Huge congrats to all the talents! ‘Numbers’ (dir. Oleg Sentsov, 2020) Director: Oleg Sentsov, Producer: Apple Film, Post-production: ORKA TEAM

What a Country!

Our Croatian-Serbian-Polish co-production ‘What a Country!’ directed by award-winning director Vinko Bresan with Polish star Daniel Olbrychski was premiered at Warsaw Film Festival. Online by ORKA. ‘What a Country!’ (dir. Vinko Brešan, 2018) Edit: Sylwia Obrycka, Online: Piotr Giżu Giżewski, Producer: Ivan Maloca, Co-producers: Jacek Kulczycki Magdalena Zimecka Radka Bardes, Director: Vinko Bresan, Composer: Maciej […]