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Play: Smartfon Best Deal – Samsung

Production house

Banana Split




Grandes Kochonos


Tadeusz Śliwa


Wit Dąbal

Post-production manager

Agnieszka Koterba

ORKA is focused on a direct and long-term cooperation with leading brands like Play. This time we’ve worked on a commercial with Tomasz Kammel, Polish TV personality seen at Peoples TV,  and Samsung. ORKA took care of: 3D animation, light&render, compositing, online and grading.

Edit: Robert Gryka, Production: Banana Split, Post-production: ORKA, Grading: Olek Winecki, Rendering, lighting, animation: Michał Konwicki, Marcin Dubaj, Marek Głatki, Online/Compositing: Mateusz Wiśniewski, Mikołaj Korecki, Mateusz Wróblewski, Piotr Giżu Giżewski