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Miś Uszatek. making of.

production house

TFP, Fremantle Media Polska


Grzegorz Jonkajtys


Piotr Ołtarzewski

post-production manager

Justyna Juszczyk

Working on the teddy bear ‘Miś Uszatek’ was a bit of a challenge – we wanted to capture the look and character of our legendary childhood friend as great as possible. Have a look at the making of! ORKA took care of: 3D animation, modeling, texturing, light & render, grooming and compositing. 3D animation is one of ORKA specialties, so are full CG animated projects.

Producer: TFP, Fremantle Media Polska, Production Manager: Justyna Juszczyk/ ORKA, 3D Supervisor: Piotr Ołtarzewski/ ORKA, Senior 3D Animator: Piotr Kurzatkowski/ ORKA, 3D Animator: Robert Zjawiński/ ORKA, CG Supervisor: Michał Konwicki/ ORKA, 3D Models: Grzegorz Szczygieł/ ORKA, Cloth Simulation: Bartosz Miras/ ORKA, Concept Artist: Dariusz Radecki/ ORKA, 2D Animator: Bartosz Bak/ ORKA, Compositing: Mateusz Wiśniewski/ ORKA, Compositing: Jakub Petruk/ ORKA