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Lux Valentina

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Firecracker India


Unilever India/Lux


Stephen Mead/Short Films London


Marek Subocz

We’re proud to present this Lux Valentina commercial, full of roses and sensuality, especially for our client from India. Our work covered the whole gamut of VFX, especially simulations (FX), matte painting and compositing. ORKA studio took care of grading as well.

Post-production: ORKA/Aga Górna, Grading: Marcelina Górka, VFX/ Project Supervisor: Marek Subocz, Compositing: Wojciech Kijkowski, Krzysztof Grochowina, Pavle Milicevic, Mateusz Wróblewski, Marek Subocz, Matte Painting: Sebastian Zakrzewski, FX: Tomasz Żelazko