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Martha Fiennes

We’re happy to present ‘YUGEN’ – a visual dialogue between art and technology and the new project from the visionary director Martha Fiennes, starring Salma Hayek. ‘YUGEN’ is a journey between dimensions where thanks to the algorithm-generated environment, each viewer’s encounter with the work is different. This imaginary universe inhabited by Salma Hayek was designed and programmed in a way that allows the audience to observe an endless number of unique combinations of its components. ‘YUGEN’ is more than a film or a video installation – it’s an immersive, self-evolving experience that viewers can interact with repeatedly. Fractals may be considered a metaphor for the mathematical description of the physical world. Throughout the creation of the YUGEN universe, we used specialized software to create their entire structures. In order to control those structures, we have completely altered our approach to computer graphics. This type of work is a continuous exploration guided by mathematical formulas rather than just the familiar “sculpting” we know from 3D modeling.

‘Yugen’ (dir. Martha Fiennes, 2018)