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Yugen. making of.


Martha Fiennes

post-production manager

Agnieszka Koterba, Agnieszka Górna


Michał Konwicki, Marek Subocz

Apart from the fractal environments that constitute YUGEN, we have also designed six landscape-based worlds – part fantasy, part post-apocalyptic. Viewers can travel through vast flatlands, green mountain valleys or find themselves in a dark and desolate realm. This begs the question – what do we do with the actual world we live in? The design process itself had to involve a number of factors. Above all, we needed to create a ”stage” for the actors – a space in the foreground. Outside that center stage, every other dimension within the frame also has its specific purpose – for elements to appear or action to take place. Traveling across these landscapes we experience the dynamics of the world – the prospect of destruction, but also restoration to a primordial state.

‘Yugen’ (dir. Martha Fiennes, 2018)

Producer: Peter Muggleston, SLOimage, Art Director & Supervisor: Michał Konwicki, Offline edit: Kamil Steć Wojtek Jagiełło Michał Konwicki, Grading: Michał Konwicki, Matte Painting: Przemek Kotyński Sebastian Zakrzewski Michał Konwicki, Supervisor on set: Marek Subocz, Compositing Supervisors: Marek Subocz Michał Konwicki, Compositing: Marek Subocz Michał Konwicki Mikołaj Korecki Mateusz Wiśniewski Mateusz Wróblewski Maciej Stanisławski Pavle Milicevic, Additional Compositing: Krzysztof Grochowina Tomasz Faraś, Modeling/3D animation/Rendering Artur Borkowski Krzysztof Grochowina Marek Głatki Tomasz Faraś Sebastian Zakrzewski Mateusz Bargiel Krzysztof Masztakowski, Keying/Rotoscoping: Sylwester Lipiński Mikołaj Korecki Mateusz Wiśniewski Wojtek Kijkowski, Copy room: Kamil Steć Wojtek Hryniewski