Play: WOŚP 2023

Once again, Play and the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity join forces. Once again, ORKA took care of the post-production of their spot. Offline: Robert Gryka Color grading: Piotr Nowicki Online: Piotr Giżu Giżewski, Robert Piotrowski, Wojciech Kukiełka Animation: Rafał Machelski, Ksenia Chelpan, Pavel Radkevich, Jędrzej Sosnowik


Artificial intelligence is taking control of creating the world around us, along with our sense of perception. Digital systems and bots influence our trust and choices we make. The human condition is deteriorating. Humanity at its core holds the ability to reason.  We are free to choose what we believe in and to live life […]

Black Mill

Realizing VFX in the middle of a lockdown was extremely demanding. It required from us full commitment and proving that we can do it in any conditions. Advanced 3D, special effects, compositing, on-line, fire, lava, explosions, light, all elements integrated in one of the most famous pictures for the young and demanding viewer.  Check out […]


Check out our new 2D reel! Hope you’ll enjoy our cheerful creations including cartoon characters, motion design, hand-drawn and 2,5D animation Edit: Piotr Skiba, Music & sound design: Farkey