Kuban: Na okrągło

Over 10 million views on YouTube and counting. The best music video of the year, according to the most prestigious awards in Polish hip-hop, Popkillers. The single promotes Kuban’s long-awaited album, spokój. Post-production: Dariusz Wawryszczuk, Michał Kwiatkowski, Bartek Nuckowski, Paweł Lorens, Krzysztof Grochowina

Wartime Portraits. Women

Wartime Portraits. Women is a documentary series about heroines of the II World War. Stories told from the perspective of the characters are full of emotions and tension, they show courage, sacrifice, willpower but also recklessness or pragmatism. Characters of the series are not flawless monuments but regular women with their own problems, who happened […]

This damn Sunday

This award-winning short is a beautifully animated crime story in a sensual noir cinema setting, based on the prose of the cult writer of detective novels Marcin Wroński. ORKA took care of 3D & 2D animation, character design, compositing, matte painting, models and textures. Screenplay based on own novel: „Morderstwo pod cenzurą”: Marcin Wroński, Concept […]


ORKA is really proud of working on this full CG project for Mały Rycerz Foundation. We were responsible for concept, design, 3D environment, 3D modeling, compositing and 3D animation. We hope that you would also be intrigued by “Basilisk”. DIR/ lead 3D: Arek Jurcan, Character design and scenography: Przemek Kotyński, 3D team: Jacek Wrona, Marek […]

Gdynia Film Festival 2015

The Polish Film Festival has a new element of visual identity! We proudly present the festival intro! ORKA was responsible for the creation and execution, including 3D animation, light & render, matte painting and compositing. Many thanks for this creative opportunity! 3D Animation / Lighting / Rendering: Tomasz Żelazko, Bartosz Miraś, Jakub Petruk, Matte Paint: […]

Gdynia Film Festival 2016

Our special project-  new intro for Polish Film Festival! ORKA is glad to be part of the biggest film event in Poland. Composer: Artur Guza, Production and post-production: ORKA

Johnnie Walker: Conscious dream

ŚWIADOMY SEN is a part of Johnie Walker’s campaign DO WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN with polish musicians, Sokół and Dawid Podsiadło. Full post-production by ORKA Post-production: ORKA

Ballantine’s Droplet of Truth: Episode 01

The first episode of original miniseriseries by Ballantine’s brand. It’s the story of Beathan McCrow, star. Wojciech Zieliński, Jacek Koman and Czesław Mozil. It’s great to be a part of such an exciting project: about life and whiskey.  We recommend it especially to fans of series and thrill. Offline, online and grading by ORKA. Post-production: […]

PGNiG- Presentation

ORKA and PGNiG, our: motion design, holographic design, compositing and online.

MDP Academy – White Flag

An exceptional charity project involving 80 children from orphanages, who took part in film workshops organized by the MDP Academy. Grading & online by ORKA.