The Orange campaign required us to create an animated model of the robot, starting from the concept itself, down to the slightest shimmer on its shiny surface. The director, Sebastian Pańczyk, praised our involvement in the creative process – the fact that our graphic designers did not limit themselves to performing commissioned works, but proposed […]

Ecco- Kinhin Shoe

Working on this full-CG Ecco commercial brought us a lot of fun. ORKA was responsible for preparing the concept, 3D animation, 2D animation and compositing. Post-production: ORKA, 3D animation lead: Piotr Ołtarzewski, Compositing: Mikołaj Korecki, Animation 3D,2D- Michał Konwicki, Piotr Ołtarzewski

Gerber- Organic

Creating this magical world for “Gerber Organic” ad was an amazing experience. ORKA was responsible for the whole post-production process including concept, layouts, 3D environment, lighting, rendering, compositing, offline and online. Sound Studio: Cafe Ole, Scenography: Monika Konarzewska, Concepts: Krzysztof Grochowina, Sebastian Zakrzewski, Modeling: Marek Głatki, Tomasz Wyciszkiewicz, Layouts: Piotr Ołtarzewski, Krzysztof Grochowina, Marek Głatki, […]

MoneyGram- Beyond Art

What’s cooler than making dreams come true? Check out the latest animation for MoneyGram, showcasing our artistic and technical skill! Director Vladimir Tarasiuk and ORKA’s 3D team created 5 colorful characters, 3 sets with backgrounds, and implemented 2D and 3D visual effects to tell a story about a little boy, a little artist and his […]

Euroloan- Apple

Full CG spot with hand-drawn 2D animation – for Euroloan, by ORKA. Team: Piotr Skiba, Krzysztof Grochowina

MG Walmart Online

Here comes another full CG spot by ORKA, this time with 2D animation – for Walmart.

Huawei- Fisherman

World full of abstract humor + a CG whale = success! Working on this Huawei Fisherman ad, animating the CG whale and water simulations was a great pleasure. ORKA took care of: modeling, light & render, 3D animation, simulations (FX), compositing, online and grading.  Post-production: ORKA, Edit: Robert Gryka, Grading: Fred van Eeden, Online: Piotr […]

Danone- 20 Years

“Danone: 20 years” ad is another example of our full CG projects with cartoon 3D animation. ORKA took care of: concept, modeling, texturing, light&render, 3D animation, compositing and FX. Concept Art: Darek Radecki, Compositing: Krzysztof Grochowina, Modelling: Marek Głatki, Marcin Dubaj, Jacek Majewski, Texturing: Marek Głatki, Marcin Dubaj, Rendering: Marek Głatki, Jacek Majewski, Marcin Dubaj, […]

UPC- Sport

Working on this UPC ad and creating the customized UPC character was an amazing experience. ORKA was responsible for concept, design, modeling, 3D animation, light&render, compositing and online. Mateusz Rybka, 3D animator: Tomasz Grenda, Lighting/Rendering: Mariusz Giętkowski/Hubert Kuczyński, Compositing: Pavle Milicevic, Online: Piotr Giżu Giżewski, Sound: Głośno Studio