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Biedronka – Marletto Ice cream

Production house

OTO Film (Producent: Agnieszka Zając)


Jeronimo Martins Polska


Duda Polska (Dyrektor kreatywny: Daniel Barrocas / Copywriter: Gabriela Kołodko / Producent: Agnieszka Soboń, Rafał Chabasiński, Bartosz Jodłowski / Client Service: Diogo Cunha, Agnieszka Szczerkowska)


Jakub Laskus


Wojtek Rogalski

Post-production manager

Piotr Kłosowicz, Agata Socha

Here comes another Marletto ice-cream commercial for Biedronka – join us in the magical ice-cream world!

We are always happily welcoming projects that require simulations. It’s mostly for food&drink commercials so the challenge here is not only to ensure the highest render and lighting quality. We have to carefully mimic the physical behaviour of a given object – make it look natural, credible and photoreal. The FX world is really fascinating and constantly improving. We stay up to date with new tools and softwares which bring amazing technical opportunities and make the simulating process even more exciting.

Sound post-production: CAFE OLE, Post-production: ORKA, Setup: Agnieszka Gronowicz, Grading: Marcelina Górka, 3D: Tomek Faraś Online: Bartosz Przybytek, Robert Piotrowski, Piotr Giżewski, Compositing: Krzysztof Grochowina, Vladimir Tarasiuk