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Beskidian Bears


WALK, Sebastian Koprzywa


Krzysztof Grochowina


Paweł Olechowski

Post-production manager

Katarzyna Kozłowska

We had the pleasure of working with the WALK Agency on the “Beskidzkie Misiaki”. Our work on the spot covered the whole gamut of VFX, including 3D animation, modeling, texturing, grooming and compositing. ORKA in-house VFX supervisor, Paweł Orzechowski, oversaw our team members as they worked across a selection of fascinating sequences.

Lighting: Marek Głatki, Krzysztof Grochowina, 3D animations: Tomasz Grenda, Modelling/Texturing: Jacek Majewski, Marek Głatki, Marcin Dubaj, Rendering: Marek Głatki, Jakub Ludwiczak, Marcin Dubaj, Mariusz Giętkowski, Krzysztof Grochowina, Fur/grooming: Marek Głatki, Compositing: Krzysztof Grochowina, Sound: Expresso, Marcin Steczkowski